Satisfied customers are the way I grow my business. If you like my service and the gems I send you, feel free to let me know. Thanks!

" BEST place to buy gemstones online. I always order from PM Gems when I need gemstones. They have such a wide inventory that anytime I need a gem for a custom job or repair, they have it in stock. On the rare occasions it is not in stock, Paul does a gem hunt and he finds it, no matter where it is in the world. Paul has found what I need every time. Prices are very good, service is excellent and I would recommend them to all. "

" Outstanding service! Right from searching for the right gem, to its delivery, the whole experience has been marvelous. I never imagined such good service from an online seller. I recommend PM Gems to everyone out there looking for gemstones. "
- MW, UK

" I have purchased everything from $1 synthetics to $20,000+ single stones from PM Gems. I am completely satisfied with my purchases. They have an exquisite collection and a wide range of every gem a retail jeweller needs. Paul knows his stuff. Fast shipping helps get my jobs done on time. If you are a retail jeweler and want one-stop shopping for every gem you need for repairs or custom work, look no further. Highly recommended. "

" PM Gems has been my supplier throughout my jewellery career. I choose PM Gems because the service and quality of products are excellent. Paul is very friendly, easy to work with and goes the extra mile to source your needs. Paul has been a gem to work with over the years. "
- MM, Canada

" Thanks for the beautiful rubelites. Looking forward to doing business again soon. "

" I ordered a sapphire from PM Gems. It is so beautiful in my pendant. Buying it gave a great experience, excellent service and advice. I positively love this site! "
- SK, Germany

" I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the PM Gems team for helping me choose a suitable Emerald. The fast and helpful responses are appreciated. PM Gems are highly recommended if you are looking for any kind of gemstone. "

" Got em, love em, great color and sparkle! Appreciate the help and concern on all facets of this transaction. Thanks again! "

" PM Gems.com is my go-to site when I have a request for gemstones. They have thousands of different sizes and shapes of gemstones in stock. I love their white-label website at Gem-Inventory.com. I can display high-quality photos of gems right in my studio with my clients, and show the gems like they are my inventory (at my selling prices!). Easy to print the info pages and photos for clients to further the sale along. I also use it to price repairs and custom work. Very useful tool! "

" I recently ordered an emerald from PM Gems. I would say I am more than satisfied with the emerald. The emerald came with a free GIA certificate, which is the best one, and their customer service team helped me in making the right choice for my ring design. "
- IP, France

" When my wife got the idea to do this I really didn't think that I would find these Stones especially through one source. Paul was easy to work with and completely understood what I was trying to do. I thank you very much and recommend you for anyone who wants to buy gems. "
- EH, Canada

" I was looking for one gem and I ended up buying 3 gems because the prices were much less than I expected. I'm happy with all of them and I'll be back once I've had these gems set into some special pieces. I found their team to be extremely helpful. Thank you PM Gems, for such beautiful and affordable gemstones. "
- LS, UK

" The sapphire just arrived and it is perfect! "
- BM, Canada

" You are a fountain of information about gems, thanks! "
- PV, Canada

" I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful tourmalines that you sent me. They are a perfect match and exactly what I was looking for. Your professional approach and patience made it a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks again. "

" I bought a pink sapphire from PM Gems online. The sapphire is exquisite, exactly the shade of pink I was looking for. The high quality photos made buying easy. I would recommend to all. "

" The emerald arrived today - I'm impressed with the custom cutting and fast delivery "
- CS, Canada

" PM Gems is the best place if you want to buy genuine gemstones. I bought two gems from them. They have some unique gemstones, and I consider myself a lucky one to own one of them (a color change spinel). I would recommend them to anyone, especially if you are looking for unusual gems. "

" When I see there is a new chapter in your story, we turn off the music playing and I read your next chapter to my coworkers. You are taking us on a journey that you have lived and we are experiencing via your memories. Thank you for letting us come along! Can't wait for the next chapter :-) "
- MM, Canada

" I just love this gem and I think my wife will too! "
- MV, Canada

" We very much appreciate all the good service you provide. "
- JM, Canada

" Thank you for all your help! "
- AM, Canada

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